Advertising mailing Ecuador



We make its available the Service of Marketing through E-mail.
We send his Publicity to Ecuadorian email addresses 100%, distributed in Coast, Mountain range, East and the South wind of our Country.


Once its Publicity has been sent, we gave a report to him of the sent E-mails, the given ones, not given and those that can have bounced.

The Advertising Mailing in Ecuador supports its campaign of promotion, obtaining the following results:

  • To increase the volume from visits to its website.
  • To find new clients for its Products or Services.
  • To cause that their Company, Business or Professional Service are known inside and outside its City, Province or Country.
  • To obtain results immediate to very low cost.

The cost by each sent Mail is smaller to 0,001 cents, at the moment has available several Advertising Packs de Mailing in Ecuador, had Potentes Servers and friendly Software of Administration of Campaigns, for the Management of Statistics, offering reports in line with total transparency.

The Advertising Mailing in Ecuador allows to maintain Contact him with its clients all along, to send Information on its Products or Services, Promotions, Discounts and to handle its own Base de Datos efficiently.


Silver pack
It includes shipments to bases of 30,000 post office.
Price: 30 USD
Gold pack
It includes shipments to bases of 50,000 post office.
Price: 50 USD
Pack to size
Shipments to agree in future from 5,000 post office.
Price: 15 USD
Pack Bases Client
Shipments to bases of post office according to the necessity of the client.
Price: To agree


To ask for Information


Our prices already include IVA, is only due to provide the information that wishes us to send, at the moment the formats of shipment for Advertising Mailing that can be handled with effectiveness, are the following: